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Concrete Huntsville focuses on installing stamped concrete patios, and coloring, sealing and resurfacing patios. We offer a range of options to enhance both residential or commercial properties. 

With our extensive experience in concrete work and the ability to combine our expertise with our customers’ unique preferences, we can deliver custom services that will further enhance their properties. We are the premier patio contractors in Huntsville AL and can certainly kickstart your next home or office improvement project!

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A licensed professional oversees every project to ensure safety and compliance on-site. 

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Expertise meets the unique demands of each project. 

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Top-notch concrete solutions priced competitively. 

High-Quality Stamped Concrete Patios in Huntsville AL

Stamped Concrete Patio Designs

Stamped concrete patios come in many different colors, patterns, and textures. There are classified into six general groups:

Stone Designs

Designed to mimic the look of genuine stone pavers, stone designs feature thick and weathered textures that are perfect for a patio. They’re available in cobble patterns, rustic random stone and flagstone textures, refined stone ashlar and many more.

Slate Patterns

As the name suggests, slate patterns give concrete surfaces that timeless and understated beauty of slate pavers without any constraints. Concrete is readily available than natural slate, after all. This pattern is highly recommended for patios, sideways, driveways, walkways, and pool decks.

Tile Patterns

Benefit from the consistency, versatility, and visual appeal of tiles without the hassle of installing each piece with stamped tile patterns. They’re also available in countless color combinations, giving you more options than what off-the-shelf ceramics can offer.

Wood Patterns

Recommended for both indoor and outdoor use, wood patterns give concrete surfaces the look of wood minus the high cost and maintenance. Stamped surfaces will mimic wood grain and patterns but not the risk of moisture damage, warping, and the like.

Brick Patterns

Stamped brick patterns offer a more affordable option than hand-laid bricks. They come in a variety of layout and styles–old and contemporary alike. Whether herringbone, fan, basketweave, or running bond, this pattern is sure to complement any properties’ texture or color scheme.

Seamless Textures

Without grout lines and hefty joints, stamped seamless textures create a continuous, uninterrupted pattern as if natural materials were used. Concrete surfaces will resemble real brick, stone, or wood without any texture repeating. They’re best used on high-traffic areas as the smoother surface makes it easier to walk on them.

Each stamped concrete pattern requires special tools and techniques.

We are known for providing the highest quality concrete patio Huntsville AL has ever seen, and we will ensure the correct layout and application for each project. Talk to us today for expert advice and for a free, no-obligation quote.

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Decorative Concrete Patios

Concrete flooring is a popular choice because of its easy upkeep, visual appeal, and industrial chic that many loves. Decorative concrete, in particular, is experiencing a revival, and with its many patterns, color schemes, and finishes, it’s likely here to stay. 

Stamped Concrete Huntsville, AL

Stamped concrete uses stamping mats and molds to make an imprint on concrete surfaces, creating a variety of textures and patterns. Designs can be customized according to a client’s preference or made to replicate the look of popular flooring materials, such as natural stone, bricks, and wood.

Concrete Stains

Concrete saints are liquid or semi-transparent coatings applied to concrete surfaces to enhance or alter the existing color. There are two common types of stains available. Acid stain is best used to achieve a unique and warm-tone color, while water-based stain is used when a pattern or design is integrated to stained concrete. 

Colored Concrete

Rather than stick to the typical gray color of traditional concrete, colored concrete uses pigments or dyes to give surfaces a specific tone or hue. Colored inks are mixed with alcohol, acetone, or other kinds of solvent so they penetrate the concrete slab and surface. 


Rather than stick to the typical gray color of traditional concrete, colored concrete uses pigments or dyes to give surfaces a specific tone or hue. Colored inks are mixed with alcohol, acetone, or other kinds of solvent so they penetrate the concrete slab and surface. 

Polished Concrete

Polished concrete involves the application of chemicals to concrete surfaces until a certain degree of shine and smoothness are achieved. Available in various grades and finishes, it’s popular for those who prefer to keep their natural stone concrete floors bare without them looking dull and drab. 

Can’t decide which decorative concrete is suitable for your concrete patio in Huntsville AL? Give us a call today for professional advice and a free quote on decorative concrete patio installation. 

Poured Concrete Patios

If you want to improve the aesthetics and functionality of your house, adding a concrete patio is the way to go. Done right, it can add visual appeal and expand your living space outdoors. Among the many materials available, poured concrete gives patios that classic and timeless look that will never go out of style. Achieving a brush or smooth finish is also comparably more affordable than other decorative concrete methods.
As the best patio contractor Huntsville AL has to offer, we take into account various factors that can dictate how your new patio or walkway is designed. These include your property’s topography, flatness, architecture, slope and other characteristics. 

This keen attention to the smallest detail results in more precise installation, saving you time and money in the long term. Your patio will be built with stability, functionality, proper drainage and aesthetic appeal that will make it stand the test of time. We take pride in our ability to manage various projects of any size, from new patio installation to a complete replacement.
To know more about poured concrete patios, give our experts a call today. We also offer a free, no-obligation quote.

Concrete vs Wood Decks

When it comes to an outdoor living space, two of the more popular flooring options are concrete decks and wooden decks. While both materials have some similarities, they differ in terms of design flexibility, overall cost, usefulness, and construction.
When deciding between the two options, it’s important to consider factors such as terrain, weight restrictions, expenses, upkeep, design adaptability, durability, and personal preference. All these play crucial roles in determining which flooring material aligns best with the landscape, budget, and lifestyle.
Compared to wood, concrete is more durable and low-maintenance decking product. Installed correctly, it will also last for a long time. Hire Concrete Huntsville should you choose a concrete deck for your patio. Call us today to get a free quote and kickstart your next project.

Patio Contractors Near Me

Whether you’re looking for a paving company for your stamped concrete project or a patio contractor in Huntsville AL, we’re the company you can trust to deliver services of the highest quality and with a customer satisfaction guarantee.
With our attention to detail, skills and knowledge, we can provide you with a patio that enhances the look of your home and its surrounding landscape. Contact us today for your free quote.

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